Sunday, December 6, 2009

Intro to Global Migration.

“Man born free, and wherever he is in chains” 
(Rousseau, 1762)

       Hello, I’m a CUNYBA student exploring global migration issues for my FIQWS course.
     In response to lessen so much tension and in an effort to enlighten so much uncertainties I found on the matter of actual global migration I’m publishing this interactive web blog with my researches and thoughts where any furtive visitor can have a say by posting a comment.
    While building this public blog for my presentation, I was thinking in welcoming and making feel comfortable a particular type of cyber-viewer; not just the proficient American tech and beyond e-surfer, but the curious one interested on contributing to improve the means of our human condition.
     In my research, I’ve been touched by the topic from the beginning; since I’m just one of the hundreds of Italian descendants born in Argentina that widely spread throughout the world after fleeing one of the greatest country’s economic collapses, I became to be one of the million of United States’ immigrants myself. I have dear friends and relatives in different points of the Earth divided by political boundaries and non-contemplative immigration policies that, while await for its appointed turn to be reformed, set us apart for 10 long years and counting.
       The experiences of the immigrant that tries to open its way through a foreign culture is as rich and unique as wonderful and aching, where cultural disconnection, identity misconception and melancholy plague the days. Looking forward I realized that most people conforming the actual world, and backwards through generations, have gone through the same experiences to populate the globe and so structured the breathtaking new forms of cultures that we appreciate to day.

      When I first saw this video “Happy People Dancing on Planet Earth” (click here to see full screen), that actually one of my brothers sent me from Madrid to, in a way, tell me that he missed me, I felt overwhelmed by the strength in which, defying human diversity, geographical and temporal distances, it still communicates a fresh message of human common bonds such as happiness and joy.
       What else is it actively saying? It says that the superiority of the human race allowed it to populated all the earth, speaks about the incredible ability humans have to modify its natural environment building spectacular structures like bridges, tunnels, towers, temples and cities to comfortably live in it, as the faculty to create and find ways of transportation (as we see bicycles, trains, cars, motorcycles, ships, airplains and cammels!), as that conquered space and reigned under sea, that is rich in diversity and that by it, it accepts different agreements with the existing social order (as we notably see through India's, Papua's and Fiji island's dances), that its administrations are going through different stages (like the demilitarized zone in Korea). That cultures have different ways to identify themselves (showed by the way they dress like FIFA's soccer shirts, saris and by their background as the Panama Canal, Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Museum, Tenochtitlan Temple, etc), that humans settled where they found a factual way of life in indistinct geographical accidents (as plains, mountains, forest, jungles, shores and fjords etc), that they evolved differently due to different life conditions, that they posses rich variety of hue characters and moods (displayed by the color of their clothes), that they express happiness through different dances (like traditional dances such as the German 'aiho', the choreographed Indian, and the performed scream Japanese martial-art, etc.) and that they went through uneven histories that shaped their culture (appreciated by the background they picked to dance like Caminito Street in Buenos Aires). There's a big conversation here and it is the overall sense of unity given by the common dance that express freedom and solidarity transcending human boundaries. The social language used here is the physical primitive that always has communicated just what it needed to communicate since beginning of times to speak about well-being.

        I watched this video hundreds of times, and every time I wonder about the vicissitudes that generations have gone through and the countless of factors that influenced events in certain ways to give shape to the cultures of the many countries that are shown here that, linked by the simplicity of a dance, have been forged by the traumatic and restless human diaspora. And that after all humans have gonne through, still find capricious ways to not let go primitive habits of making some submissive to others.
         And I think about how many people to day are impeded of their dearests because of human cruelties as such unfitted laws that we impose to one another.
      From a spatial view of the planet Earth you surely wouldn’t notice these human boundaries but the brilliance of an only sun rising from the horizon giving us life to all of us.

     I'm a dreamer, and this blog is my place where I explore ways to contribute to build a more compassionate world.

                                                                                                ... Come along!

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