Sunday, December 6, 2009

Immigration: Diversity & Integration

       Global migrations, whether be caused by civil war or repression, religious or political persecution, poverty, economic deficits or family reunification, are meant for a better life.

       The true relevance of the debate of the actual national identity is placed in the limitations immigrants face when they do not qualify to be granted the citizenship of the adopted country.The acceptance and inclusion of immigrants into the foreign community is crucial nor only for their personal success but for the health and enrichment of emerging cultures of cosmopolitan societies.

       Contemporary migration makes nations more culturally and ethnically diverse, if modifying their national identity, yet evolves to a new form. By means of preserving traditional standards of citizenship as part of national patrimony, conservative supporters of democratic governments take actions such as limiting the freedom of movements, postponing the updating of immigrant status or, simply denying citizenship to foreign-born children and the like, discouraging so massive immigration. The openness to multiculturalism of The Mother of Exiles that made the United States famous is much put into question at examining the treats and policies it has nowadays with its actual immigrants.

        In this weblog related themes of this issues will be discussed with a passionate perspective towards building a better, more humane world.

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